November 2015

Most of the leaves have fallen. The docks have been taken out.  The water has been drained from the summer camps. The little critters and beasts are growing their velvety coats. 

The clocks have changed, the days grow shorter.  
This is my favorite time to ride.  This year, I was lucky enough to accomplish a "riding goal" that I had only dreamed about.  With the help and generosity of two fellow horse fanatic friends, the three of us embarked upon a horse back adventure to Acadia National Park, in Maine.  Our horses stayed at Wildwood Stables, which is inside the park. 

We could have camped with them, but decided to stay in our own little cottage, about ten minutes away. 

We took with us a young, beautiful Morgan who is all of age six, and a big, beautiful warm blood who is an accomplished dressage horse in the show ring with loads of ribbons, awards, and all around life experience.  It was a good match.  He provided some nice reassurance I think for our young Morgan mare.

 There were also the carriage horses which were mostly Percheron.

We had beautiful weather. We got to go for a few canters down the long trails. We all made it home safely, and we were EXHAUSTED by the end of it.  So. Much. Fun. 

July 2014

Today is the Blessing of the Fleet, in Five Islands, Maine
An event that never fails in it's all out liveliness, color, and good cheer.  Some years more wilder than others, perhaps; but always a good time.

Today, we are also just coming off a full, full Capricorn Moon.  
Maine is in high, mid-summer mode.  People are busy, tourists and travelers alike are here, and the price for lobster is high.... ( More on this later)

The Solstice, and the Fourth of July have come and gone already, complete with Maine's first storm, Hurricane / Tropical Storm Arthur.  One of the earliest we have ever had. By the time it made its way up here, the mid coast got just a glancing blow.  Grateful for that.
It is so nice to wear shorts, loose clothing at a minimum.  The flowers and garden are in full bloom

Seahorse Massage and Lobster is also pleased to announce that Island Massage has become a reality.

It is admittedly, a little rough around the edges.  There are some kinks that need to be worked out here and there... For example the whole presentation of it all... And transportation is somewhat of an issue, due to the Gulf of Maine Atlantic .  But, the massage table is out here.  A young, unsuspecting couple were my first "guinea pigs".  And by all accounts it seemed to flow pretty effortlessly.  I think all involved had a beautiful, relaxing, meditative day.

Positive Blessings to all.  Thankyou so much.
Seahorse Massage and Lobster

June 2014

There have been so many changes since March.  The boats have been caught up on all their maintenance needs.  Freshly painted and ready to go back to work, Constance went back to her water home in early May.  The docks are in. Flowers are blooming, the sun is out, and people are eating ice cream outside again.  Lobster traps are beginning to dot the coves and bays in earnest, and of course, not wanting to miss out on all the activity, the mosquitoes, black flies, and all the rest of the biting insects have returned to feast on opportunity. 

In our massage office, my colleague Julie and I have welcomed another healer into our midst.  Her name is Jennifer Crosson.  She has moved here from New York City recently, and is a licensed acupuncturist.  She will be holding office hours in our Freeport office on Tuesdays, and two Monday's a month.  We are excited to welcome her and to have her grow her Maine practice in Freeport.  

Also of note, Julie and I are offering ten dollars off an introductory massage session ( with me) or a cranial sacral session, reiki session, or a health coaching session with her.  This means if you have never received a massage by me before, ( or ever,) this would be a great opportunity to try one.  I charge $65.00 per hour regularly, so this would be reduced to $55.00.  Not a bad deal if I do say so myself.

I have joined Instagram!  My brother made me do this.  As reluctant as I was, I can honestly say that of all the social media options out there, this is probably the one I can almost live with.  Pictures are worth a thousand words, and there are some really good photographs out there in the world.  So. If anyone is at all curious, go to Seahorse Massage and Lobster on Instagram and you can see some shots I have taken that reflect my life.  Predictably, ocean, boats, animals, sea life and general Maine goodness all around.

Thankyou so much.
Health and happiness.